Thuma 2024 Stills and Video Campaign - Assistant Director - Get It Productions
Netflix Rebel Moon Promotional Photos - Assistant Director - Matte Projects
Corona 2024 Social Campaign - Assistant Director - Wild Card Creative
Cross Court Social Club Brand Video - Director - 432films

Amazon Music Off the Record Artist Docu-series - Director - Florence Creative 
Fila Hailey Bieber and Reilly O’pelka Fall 2023 Campaign - Assistant Director - Ice Studios 
Bonobos Spring Video and Stills Campaign - Assistant Director - Get It Productions
The Mens Warehouse Video and Photo Campaign - Assistant Director - Get It Productions
Corona 2023 Photo Campaign - Assistant Director - The Light 
King Mala Sunny Side Up Music Video - Director - 432films - Featured in Nylon Magazine
King Mala Dirty Dishes Music Video - Director - 432films
Benjamin Glassner Fashion Campaign - Director and Producer - 432films - Featured in Wonderland Magazine

Beyonce Reniassance Visual Album - Production Coordinator - Freenjoy
Bumble Online Campaign - Producer - Trufilms
Rich Brian Vivid Music Video - Assistant Director - Florence Creative
Amazon Behind the Music With Paulo Londres - Assistant Director - Florence Creative
Amazon Twitch Series Desde Abajo Twitch Series - Assistant Director - Florence Creative Superstar Documentary Series - Aaliyah and Reba Episodes - Production Coordinator - ABC News, Hulu, Disney
Grindr Tags Commercial Campaign- Assistant Director - Florence Creative 
A&E Network Marketing Materials, Barstow - Assistant Director - the Light Productions
Facebook Messenger Kids - Producer and Assistant Director - Trufilms
Audio Network Commercial Interview Series ‘Talking Change’ - Director and Producer - 432films
Aj Lambert My Blood Music Video - Assistant Director - Girl in Sneakers LLC
Slick Deals Commercial Campaign - Assistant Director - Fortnight Collective

Maggie Rogers X National Geographic Earth Day Performance - Director - Her Productions
King Mala Mercy Music Video - Director - 432films 
Julietta Digital Fingers Music Video  - Director - 432films
Natasha Hunt Lee T’s Hell in Here Tonight Music Video  - Director - 432films - Featured in Paper Magazine 
King Mala Golden Retriever Boy Lyric Video - Director - 432films

Jupiter’s Report Short Film - Writer, Director, Producer - 432films for Cannes Lion Super 8 Shootout
Dewyer Commercial Campaign - Writer, Director - 432films
The Labyrinth Short Film - Writer, Director - 432films

A Woman at Night Feature Film - Art Director - Blue Shadow Films
Chi Chi Short Film - Writer, Director, Producer - 432films & Her Productions
The Closure Center Short Film - Writer, Director, Producer - the London Film School
Patriot Day Short Film - Assistant Director - The London Film School
Caravan Short Film - Assistant Director, Producer - The London Film School

OTHER WORK EXPEREINCEPublicis New York - Director for Garnier, Matrix Online Campaigns and Associate Producer for Citibank, Cadillac P&G, Lancome, Dawn, Garnier, Matrix, Heineken Etc. Broadcast, Radio and Online Campaigns 
Velem - New Business, Post Production for Clients Such as Mooseknuckle, Bed Bath and Beyond and Color Production for Ava Max, Big Sean, Flo Milli, Jlo Music Videos
432films - Founder, Creative Director, Executive Producer

The London Film School, Masters in Filmmaking | 2017-2019
The George Washington University, Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism, Minor in History | 2010-2014
American University of Paris - Study Abroad | 2013