Baggage is an ethereal dream sequence, focusing on a girl who is trouble by loss and going through the steps of acceptance. Baggage was the first short film I ever wrote and directed. The script was originally written as part of my application for the London film school. It just kind of poured out of me. At the time I had recently lost my grandfather, Albert AKA ‘Jido,’ who was a huge creative inspiration in my life. I was carrying a lot of guilt over my inability to be by his side throughout the whole process of him dying. About two months before he passed, I was in one of his hospital rooms and interviewed him about his life.

For months after he died I couldn’t bring myself to watch the footage of him as it was too painful. Then one day I was uploading content off my SD card when I just clicked a random clip of him speaking. In the clip he was describing the process he uses when he writes music. He talked about how it’s important to put everything down… and then go back and edit. With each layer you shave away the bad parts, shave away all the mistakes. And then eventually you are left with the good, and the core of what you’re trying to say. This is the way he wrote music and this is they way he liked to look at people.

Immediately I was filled with a sense of relief and I remembered how strong our bond was and how much he knew I loved him. His own words helped me grieve his death and reminded me that he was still there and what mattered was not what I wasn't able to be there for, but what we shared and the love between us. The film is my way of expressing this process I went through.

Chelsey d’Adesky

Joey Fitzsimmons

Nicolas Laclair

Ashley Navid